Friday, April 5, 2013

Pani Hunt Hints

 #1 - Returned Karma
Mmmm Chowmein sounds good

#2 - Otentika
A barrel can hide a lot of things
#3 - Delicious
A Pani Girl came to buy some lady clothing, but just as she was entering the room, looking at all the dresses, a strong breeze made her fan fly up over her head..she could not get it back
#4 - The Crossing
Look where monsters hide
#5 - Ownership
See Hunt Poster! 
#6 - Simply Gorean
This should hide the Contract Women from the man's sight till it's time
#7 - Taylor Made
When the moonlight touches my tatami,
Spreading silver petals on the floor,
I shall leave the cosy bed behind me.
Like a cat, I'll tiptoe to the door
#8 - *Gem Designs*
You should announce yourself
"Where eels gaze,
  towards the sky,
      the fan rests   
#10 - <Okami>
My Contract Woman left her fan by the tree. Can you go get it please?
#11 - TRIDENT Jewelry
"By the one who is slave,
  to the Thassa sea,
      the fan hides"    
#12 - Loordes of London
By the bargain
#13 - //Roawenwood\\
See hint giver in the store!

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