Merchant Rules

1) All items must be original. Copybotted or stolen items will cause you to be banned from the events for life.

2) The hunt give must be something NEW and/or REVISED. (Items can be sold AFTER the event is over for full price)

3) You must be ready on the dry run days and the actual start day or your store will be skipped or replaced. No exceptions.

4) Our hunt list is first come, first serve. We DO NOT hold places for anyone. We DO however have a waiting list.

5) Your store content must be at least 50% gorean usuable. Only exceptions are stores looking to get into the gorean line of items.


7) NO MARKET STALLS! (Exception is if your main store is linked to other main stores on a sim)

8) Your item must fit the theme of the current event or you will be asked to replace it. All items will be approved ahead of time.

9) Unisex items are preferred or you can do two items, one for males and one for females.

10) I will no longer spend all my time attempting to track you down. If I tp to your location and you are not there, you will be dropped. If you move please send a notecard with updated info. DO NOT JUST SEND AN LM. MY INVENTORY EATS THINGS!

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