Monday, December 23, 2013

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It could be worse!!!


The next time I hear someone complain about decoys...I'm letting the merchants get away with stuff like this:

For those of you that don't know this is from the POE (Peace on Earth) Hunt. Their hunt object is the earth with a dove.

Keep this is mind.

That is all!

Know of other awesome decoys? Let me know so I can add to this!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Touch a Torvie Hints

The hunt doesn't officially start until the 1st of December but here are the hints ahead of time!

#1 - The Crossing
Look Behind Bars
#2 - 69 Awefully Naughty
You can't see much but that Free Woman is Smokin' in that dress!

#3 - Taylor Made
No one will find me in here! Was that a bat?
#4 - T R I D E N T
Don't let this fake army fool you...the prize is your's for the taking!

#5 - Primus (FIXED)
No Hint Given

#6 - T R I D E N T Jewelry
Can't go shuffling through the snow without a backpack full of gear!
#7 - <Okami>
These pillows are worth hugging with THOSE sexy girls!
#8 - C&N Designs
Now what display did I set that down on?

#9 - Bad Katz
The waves crash upon them as the torvie ships approach the land...

#10 - Bad Cat Bones
No Hint Given

#11 - *Elegance by Elysa
The Sultan is Master of All He Surveys

#12 - Reliquia
Love of learning, which can be one of the deepest and most honest of loves. ~Tarnsman of Gor  pg 38

#13 - ~*Sweet Revolutions*~
Take some time and travel around, a Touch of Torvie in the south of Autumn Isle, you will found

#14 - Kittycat's Creations
1/3 - Thats not a paga barrel, thats a Torvie Barrel!
2/3 - Does anyone ever look up?
3/3 - How dya like that..hidin behind da New?

#15 - Bahirah's Creations
After a long day of hunting for your spoils, take a load off and have a seat, you'll find your next item waiting beside you.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Touch A Torvie Hunt

This hunt is all about Torvies and the North! No Applications. Simply send a NC or IM saying you wish to enter to LuckyJade Alter! Only Gorean stores and stores looking to get into Gorean style designs need apply. All others will be denied.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


1. * Candy Cyanide * 
its around a season full of falling leaves

2. ..::Loving Gor::.. 
Hunts are hard so rest your feet.
Look around and take a seat
Or take a seat and look around
Soon enough a prize is found.
3.  69 Awfully Naughty
Find the bubbles and you find your treasure!!!

4. [TF] - Tamiron Forge
"Who threw the scroll in the trash ???"

5. T R I D E N T 
"A wooden warrior guards the prize"

6. Night Angels Gear

7. T R I D E N T Jewelry
The unseelie huntress guards the prize

8. The Crossing
Hunt Hint look where you might keep someone safe

9. Tiar
Its all Khaos

10. Kittycat's Creations
Scroll over behind the barrel


12. Black Cat Bones
Go Up and look for the fallen one.

13. Silk Worms

14. Primus Weapons
Seek the comfort of our store, and pick up the book and look for more.

15. The 5th Moon
"Remember to drink a glass of wine before to go......"

16. SanSational Designs

17. United InshCon
Look into the Garden House Blush

18. Carpathia Weapons and Gorean Market
Baby, I'm cold. Can you get me a blanket?

19. *Independent Objects*/~*Sweet Revolutions*~
Maybe you´ll end here, when you will not be costumed like a free woman and will be caught by free men.

20. PeKaS Design
See what you can find around the MM boards

21. May's Soul
 I'm round and the wind move me in the air, children like to play with me

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wagon People Hunt Hints

 #1 - {SSD} san Sational Designs
Look High, look low, but you'll never find it if you don't look in plain sight

#2 - Floor Candy
Look to the hand that holds the stars!
#3 - United InshCon
Search the Duckhouse
#4 - Tamiron Forge
Find the gift where Slaves would find rest
#5 - (O)tentika
Sit down, lay your hands take a feather and looking down.
#6 - The Crossing

#7 - ~*Sweet Revolutions*~
Where the wind blows to spin the wheel, you will find some steal over deal
#8 - Trident
The baggage-bearing bosk hides the prize
#9 - *Independent Object*
Down by the docks you will see, go fishing and agree 
#10 - TRIDENT Jewelry
    Where the nomad slave stares at you from a wall, the prize lays

#11 - M&C Creation`s
Find that place where the sun will never shine.  
#12 - Reliquia
Where Did I Leave My Bow?? I Was Taking a Nap and Now I Can't Find It!
#13 - Simply Gorean
Find the Bosk and you will find the wagon.

#14 - Kittycat's Creations
I make Gorean Men smile

#15 - Taylor Made @ Port Olni

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Wagon People Hunt!

Keep your eyes on the blog or join the help group in world!

CURRENT THEME: Wagon People!
This event is for the Wagon People of the Plains. Kassar, Tuchuk, Kataii & Paravaci. Let your imagination run as you pick these 4 Wagon Clans apart and make wonderfully amazing things to enhance their roleplay!

CURRENT EVENT DATES: May 18th to May 26th



Please completely fill out the following. Any missing items will cause your application to be rejected. Make sure your notecard is titled (Store Name) (Owner's SL Name) DO NOT USE DISPLAY NAME!

Name of Store:

Name of Owner:

Name of Second Contact (in the event owner can not be reached. Please avoid using an alt.):

Timezone & Hours you are usually available: most of the time during the day SLT



Possible Hunt Item (optional):

Friday, April 5, 2013

Pani Hunt Hints

 #1 - Returned Karma
Mmmm Chowmein sounds good

#2 - Otentika
A barrel can hide a lot of things
#3 - Delicious
A Pani Girl came to buy some lady clothing, but just as she was entering the room, looking at all the dresses, a strong breeze made her fan fly up over her head..she could not get it back
#4 - The Crossing
Look where monsters hide
#5 - Ownership
See Hunt Poster! 
#6 - Simply Gorean
This should hide the Contract Women from the man's sight till it's time
#7 - Taylor Made
When the moonlight touches my tatami,
Spreading silver petals on the floor,
I shall leave the cosy bed behind me.
Like a cat, I'll tiptoe to the door
#8 - *Gem Designs*
You should announce yourself
"Where eels gaze,
  towards the sky,
      the fan rests   
#10 - <Okami>
My Contract Woman left her fan by the tree. Can you go get it please?
#11 - TRIDENT Jewelry
"By the one who is slave,
  to the Thassa sea,
      the fan hides"    
#12 - Loordes of London
By the bargain
#13 - //Roawenwood\\
See hint giver in the store!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Sadly we've had to find a new home for the blog as has been having issues. We can't keep you from the awesome hunt information right?

On to happy news! We have a new hunt coming up. Pani! This hunt will run from April 6th to April 14th, 2013. It will be a 2L mini hunt. (That means no more than 15 stores!)

To participate as a hunter:
Join our group in world! Just search for Gorean Grid Wide Hunt and you'll find the helpers group OOOORRRRR Keep your eyes peeled here for the updates!

To participate as a store:

Rules for participating in a Gorean Grid Wide Hunt Event:

1) All items must be original. Copybotted or stolen items will cause you to be banned from the events for life.
2) New items only. Please do not use something you have in your store already. (Items can be sold AFTER the event is over for full price)
3) You must be ready on the dry run days and the actual start day or your store will be skipped or replaced. No exceptions.
4) Our hunt list is first come, first serve. We DO NOT hold places for anyone.
5) Your store must content must be at least 50% gorean usuable. Only exceptions are stores looking to get into the gorean line of items.
8) Your item must fit the theme of the current event or you will be asked to replace it. All items will be approved ahead of time.
9) Unisex items are preferred or you can do two items, one for males and one for females.

This event is for the pani, about the pani and everything that would pertain to a pani's life. Pani are very close to the ancient Japanese. Think Samurai, Geisha, etc.

CURRENT EVENT DATES: April 6th to April 14th


Please completely fill out the following and return it in a notecard with your (Store Name) (SL Name) and send it to LuckyJade Alter. Any missing items will cause your application to be rejected.

Name of Store:

Name of Owner:

Name of Second Contact (in the event owner can not be reached. Please avoid using an alt.):

Timezone & Hours you are usually available:



Possible Hunt Item (optional):