Friday, May 17, 2013

Wagon People Hunt Hints

 #1 - {SSD} san Sational Designs
Look High, look low, but you'll never find it if you don't look in plain sight

#2 - Floor Candy
Look to the hand that holds the stars!
#3 - United InshCon
Search the Duckhouse
#4 - Tamiron Forge
Find the gift where Slaves would find rest
#5 - (O)tentika
Sit down, lay your hands take a feather and looking down.
#6 - The Crossing

#7 - ~*Sweet Revolutions*~
Where the wind blows to spin the wheel, you will find some steal over deal
#8 - Trident
The baggage-bearing bosk hides the prize
#9 - *Independent Object*
Down by the docks you will see, go fishing and agree 
#10 - TRIDENT Jewelry
    Where the nomad slave stares at you from a wall, the prize lays

#11 - M&C Creation`s
Find that place where the sun will never shine.  
#12 - Reliquia
Where Did I Leave My Bow?? I Was Taking a Nap and Now I Can't Find It!
#13 - Simply Gorean
Find the Bosk and you will find the wagon.

#14 - Kittycat's Creations
I make Gorean Men smile

#15 - Taylor Made @ Port Olni