Friday, November 29, 2013

Touch a Torvie Hints

The hunt doesn't officially start until the 1st of December but here are the hints ahead of time!

#1 - The Crossing
Look Behind Bars
#2 - 69 Awefully Naughty
You can't see much but that Free Woman is Smokin' in that dress!

#3 - Taylor Made
No one will find me in here! Was that a bat?
#4 - T R I D E N T
Don't let this fake army fool you...the prize is your's for the taking!

#5 - Primus (FIXED)
No Hint Given

#6 - T R I D E N T Jewelry
Can't go shuffling through the snow without a backpack full of gear!
#7 - <Okami>
These pillows are worth hugging with THOSE sexy girls!
#8 - C&N Designs
Now what display did I set that down on?

#9 - Bad Katz
The waves crash upon them as the torvie ships approach the land...

#10 - Bad Cat Bones
No Hint Given

#11 - *Elegance by Elysa
The Sultan is Master of All He Surveys

#12 - Reliquia
Love of learning, which can be one of the deepest and most honest of loves. ~Tarnsman of Gor  pg 38

#13 - ~*Sweet Revolutions*~
Take some time and travel around, a Touch of Torvie in the south of Autumn Isle, you will found

#14 - Kittycat's Creations
1/3 - Thats not a paga barrel, thats a Torvie Barrel!
2/3 - Does anyone ever look up?
3/3 - How dya like that..hidin behind da New?

#15 - Bahirah's Creations
After a long day of hunting for your spoils, take a load off and have a seat, you'll find your next item waiting beside you.